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CÁCH SỬ DỤNG FACEBOOK — 21/12/2011 08:15 8690 Views

Facebook Timeline: 10 sáng kiến thiết kế banner “độc” (phần 2)

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1. Janet Medina

We like the simplicity and the warm message that Janet’s profile delivers.

2. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

After his previous designs got such positive feedback in our last gallery, we checked back in with Ekkapong to see what he’s been up to. We weren’t disappointed.

3. Tom Lambie

Tom’s profile throws up an error message. It’s actually an F8 conference insider joke — although we still think it’s amusing for anyone who doesn’t get the reference.

4. Jeremy Bronson

Jeremy has some classic photography fun with his well-executed design.

5. Travis Keith

Travis goes for the mysterious look (complete with shades), and invites friends to scan the QR code to find out more.

6. Niels Langeveld

We like Niels’ playful approach to his profile picture — or rather, his “portrait”?

7. Umair Latif

A montage of sketches makes Umair’s profile memorable.

8. Andy Hirsch

Andy’s awesome mustache is obviously part of his “personal brand.” We love how he has incorporated it into this clean and fun design.

9. Robert Falken

Robert’s simple thought bubble makes us wonder the same…

10. Mark Spangler

Mark creates some fun with friends by posting a Where’s Wally? visual puzzle. The person who finds him gets a free poke!

BONUS: Mashable’s Matthew Silverman!

Finally, Mashable’s own Matt Silverman has gotten creative with his Timeline design. He stars in his very own Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode.


Che Chơn (Theo Mashable)

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